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Wedding Ceremony Additions

Blessing | A blessing of your choice can be offered by a member of the wedding party or myself.  Blessings can be religious or secular.

Giving of the Bride | I would ask "who gives the bride in marriage?"  Traditionally, the father/and or mother of the bride reply.

Readings | Poems, religious texts, and/or literary passages can be read by members of the wedding party or guests.

Unity Candle Ceremony | A Unity Candle involves the ceremonial merging of flames.  Two candles are lit, then the couple joins their individual flames together to light a third candle (representing two lives joined as one).  Variations include participation from family, such as candles for children to join in the union.

Sand Ceremony | Sand Ceremonies are a variation of the unity candle ceremony.  Two vessels of sand are poured together, mixing the sand creating a unity.

Moment of Silence | In memory of your loved ones, some may like to recognize them with a moment of silence.

* Remember: there are no limitations.  I encourage you to be unique, I will work with you both to make your wishes possible.

Wedding Ceremony Readings

There are many different ceremony readings to choose from, some as short as 15-20 minutes.  During our meeting I will have variations to choose from. Please, feel free to bring along any and all your ideas.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

Most couples request a rehearsal 1-2 days prior to the wedding day.  For larger wedding parties this is something I recommend.  The rehearsal gives the couple a sense of security that everyone is on the same page.  If you're planning on a venue ceremony you should work with your wedding coordinator to set this up.

The Marriage License

Marriage licenses are government-issued documents used to legally record marriages.  Prior to getting married, couples must obtain a marriage license from their local government registrar (usually the county/town clerk's office).  That license will be completed on the wedding day by two witnesses, the newlyweds and myself, legitimizing the marriage in the eyes of the state.

The marriage license should be applied for by the couple two weeks prior to the marriage to avoid any potential complications from the waiting period.  Once the license is complete (after the wedding day with signatures) it must be returned to the office of issuance within the timeframe designated by the state.

My Service Fee

To save your date  $50.00 deposit

Ceremony   $350.00

Rehearsal     $50.00

Wedding Ceremony additions:

Unity Candle Ceremony $25.00

Sand Ceremony                     $30.00